Area Technical Manager celebrates 40 years with MAN Truck & Bus UK - 8848

Area Technical Manager celebrates 40 years with MAN Truck & Bus UK

Long service and loyalty is rewarded.

A life on the road looking after MAN’s customers has seen Steve Green clock up almost one million miles.

The Yorkshire-based Area Technical Manager for aftersales says he has enjoyed every moment of his career and forging relationships with MAN customers and was pleased to get a call from managing director Simon Elliott congratulating him on his anniversary.

Steve said: “I sometimes joke that I never left MAN, but it left me. When I started at the company there were only about 35 people working in the whole company based in Bradford, and the head office was in London, now I think there are 35 people in my department, the main centre is in Swindon and I am still here in Yorkshire.

“When I first started my field area covered from London to Scotland and all of Ireland. If you clock up my average monthly mileage and multiply it by 37 years – the number of years I have spent on the road – it comes to almost a million miles.”

He added: “I was lucky enough to land the job in the service workshops preparing for pdis and then moved in to field service after three years, where I have been ever since.

“I have always had a fascination for engines and how things work, and I have a ‘man-cave’ in my garden, which is full of my projects. Then there are always requests from family and friends to look at their cars too!”

Steve’s been awarded a bonus and two days extra leave in 2016 to mark his milestone. He added: “It is a personal milestone, so it is wonderful for it to have been recognised.”

Paul O’Cain, Head of UK Service, has worked with Steve for many years. He said: “Forty years is a fantastic achievement for Steve. He has dedicated himself to his job and building strong relationships with customers and within MAN Truck & Bus UK too.

“His length of service means he has seen many changes over the years and his knowledge and understanding is second to none. It is a pleasure working with Steve and he is to be congratulated for his service.”