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Heavyweight MAN boasts more muscle with D38 engine

Specialist firm is first in UK to operate MAN TGX 41.640 tractor unit with new 15.2 litre engine.

Specialists in heavy and abnormal load logistics McIntosh Heavy Logistics, part of McIntosh Plant Hire group has invested in the MAN tractor unit to complement its work within the oil and gas industry.

Directors of the Aberdeen-based firm, Bert and Gary McIntosh, explained: “The vehicle will largely be put to work under the McIntosh Heavy Logistics arm of the business.

“It will be kept very busy hauling loads for our contracts for the energy industry, moving machinery and parts for the wind farms and a lot of work on the quayside for the offshore energy firms.

“The extra torque offered by the D38 will allow us to shift loads of around 230 to 250 tonnes, so we will be putting it through its paces and keeping it busy with loads of over 100 tonnes on a regular basis.

“We have MANs in our current fleet, but this is the first one with the new engine and we are looking forward to watching it prove itself. The marques offering these specialist vehicles are limited, but we felt MAN was the best for us.”

Roger Turnbull, MAN sales territory manager, said: “We are delighted to have supplied the first UK MAN TGX 41.640 with the D38 engine to McIntosh Plant Hire in Echt. The sale was completed after careful consideration of the customer’s requirements.

“The MAN fulfilled the rigorous duty schedule and was clearly considered the best vehicle for the job.”

John Donnelly, MAN’s UK heavy haulage specialist added: “If there is a wider, heavier or higher load that needs transporting MAN heavy-duty tractors are the perfect solution for these types of operation.

“Challenges are not only set by the demands of special transportation and to offer increased performance, but by the need to reduce costs.

“Businesses are striving to be more efficient and MAN can be counted on to help deliver optimum profitability and reliability. In addition to the numerous ex-works customisations for special load transportation MAN provides the four axle Euro 6 tractor unit in which the high revolution, D38 six-cylinder in-line engine delivers reliable power and performance.

“Our vehicles for special transport are subjected to strict testing requirements and fulfil the same quality control requirements as those for all HGVs from MAN. All the required equipment, fixtures and fittings for special transport are available ex-works – meaning there is no need for special production, just the same service conditions as those for large-scale serial production.”

McIntosh Plant Hire is a family-run business and incorporates McIntosh Heavy Logistics, a division which is recognised for its expertise in the movement of heavy and abnormal loads on a UK basis.

The development of the 63-acre site, 10 miles west of Aberdeen, allied to the modern fleet of specialist low loaders has moved McIntosh Heavy Logistics on from originally taking care of the in-house movements for McIntosh Plant Hire earthmoving equipment, to a business responsible for the transportation of equipment for many major companies within the global energy sector.

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