No5 Chambers hosts Thai Embassy delegation - 8848

No5 Chambers hosts Thai Embassy delegation

A leading QC hosted a delegation from the Royal Thai Embassy, taking them on a tour of London that explored the hidden gems of the English Legal System.

Adrian Keeling QC of No5 Chambers led the two day trip which saw more than 40 Thai visitors welcomed to Hertford College, Oxford last Thursday followed by a rare insight into the world of English law on Friday.

The majority of the delegates were representatives of the Thai legal system, including the President of the Court of Appeal and the Deputy Director General of the Civil Court, along with senior figures from business and industry.

Mr Keeling said: “This was a hugely successful trip organised by No5 Chambers for 58 Thai delegates, and it was a real privilege to be able to showcase the rich tradition and history of the law in this country.

“I particularly enjoyed the bespoke, private tour of the Inns of Court, just off Fleet Street, the hidden area of London that has been home to Barristers and the Knights Templar since the 12th Century. We were fortunate to be given access to areas normally open only to members, and visited the Main Hall, historic library, temple church and the rose garden where the War of the Roses began.

“We then moved to the Royal Courts of Justice where our guests were able to witness the imposing High Court in action.”

The visit to Oxford’s Hertford College included a talk by a leading professor and a tour of the college.

Award winning No5 Chambers is one of the UK’s largest sets of barristers’ chambers with offices also in Bristol and East Midlands and its head office in Birmingham and is home to more than 240 members including 33 Queens Counsel.


Picture caption, from left: Lord Hughes, Judge of the Supreme Court; Patrick Maddams, sub Treasurer of the Inner Temple; Mr Sirichai Wattanayothin, President of the Court of Appeal; Adrian Keeling QC, No5 Chambers.