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Our reaction to Facebook reactions

Your Facebook feed just got a whole lot more expressive, with the introduction of the Reactions feature, where users can react to a status with more than just a thumbs up. Reactions enables you to express yourself with six additional emoji’s including: ‘love’ ‘haha’ ‘wow’ ‘yay’ ‘sad’ and ‘angry’.

As an extension of the like button, this feature allows users to more widely express their feelings towards a post. When scrolling through your newsfeed, Facebook will now tell you how many people ‘reacted’ rather than ‘liked’ an update.

So whether you’re reacting to a friend’s luxury beach holiday or Donald Trump’s latest speech there’s an emoji to help express your feelings.

With emoji’s dubbed the fastest-growing language, they can easily be defined as the universal language of social media due to their rapid growth of popularity. This new shorthand is going beyond the thumbs-up or a ‘LOL’ comment to express your thoughts and feelings.

A like isn’t always the right sentiment for every post that pops up on your newsfeed, and these new reactions – whilst limited – offer a new way of accurately expressing your emotions.

The ability to now express how you feel about content on your newsfeed is rather exhilarating, as this new insight will allow brands and companies to develop the right content for their audiences, allowing a better understanding of a user’s feedback, and an understanding of the type of content your followers engage with and want to see.

What’s best about Reactions, is that it hasn’t drastically changed your user experience in comparison to other Newsfeed updates. Instead of adjusting to new layouts or features all you need to do is simply hover over the like button to change your reaction.

This is a brilliant new feature that allows users to convey accurately their feelings towards content and provides a new way to engage with brands through Facebook.

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