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FUCHS releases new smaller packs for popular greases

FUCHS has launched new smaller pack sizes for two of its popular multipurpose greases, making them easier to apply and more cost effective.

FUCHS PRO RG2 and FUCHS COPPER PASTE are now available in handy 100g tubes.

Previously they were sold only in larger packs but FUCHS has responded to feedback from customers by producing a smaller option which is perfect for toolboxes.

FUCHS PRO RG2 is an advanced, high performance racing grease with high operating temperature properties, while FUCHS COPPER PASTE is a superior high temperature, anti-seize lubricant for automotive and industrial applications.

Rosemary Mellor, UK Automotive Product Manager, said: “We are always reviewing and amending our comprehensive product range.

“Following feedback from some of our customers, it was felt that small workshops and individuals would benefit from being able to purchase these two popular greases in smaller tubes.

“The new 100g tubes will prove to be more cost effective for customers who only use a small amount of the product on an infrequent basis. Some people felt that 500g was too much for the job in hand.

“It also makes the product easier to dispense as the greases can be squeezed out directly onto the required area. This helps to minimise wastage and also reduces cross contamination.

“The 500g pots will still be available to purchase for larger workshops, but we’re pleased to be able to offer the option of a smaller size.”

FUCHS PRO RG2 has exceptional high temperature properties, providing outstanding low friction lubrication and wear protection as well as exceptional water repellence, excellent corrosion inhibition properties and high resistance to water wash-off.

These properties make it an ideal choice for motorcycles, race and rally cars, watercraft and bicycles.

FUCHS PRO RG2, which has a smooth yet tacky texture, is perfect for bearings and chassis lubrication and conditions of high pressure water washout. It has been created to meet the stringent requirements of competition use, including off-road, and stays in place even under extreme temperatures.

FUCHS COPPER PASTE is a special lubricant for threaded connections, pipe fittings, valves, exhaust assemblies, bolts and shackle connections, burner assemblies and drilling equipment.

It is designed to control pitting, rusting, thread distortion and seizure due to corrosion and chemical attack.

It can be used on wheel nuts, spark plug threads, cylinder head bolts and exhaust systems, offering lubrication in temperatures up to 1100°C.

For more information, visit www.fuchslubricants.com