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FUCHS unveils cost effective grease starter kit

Industry leader FUCHS Lubricants has released a new starter kit to complement its hugely successful grease gun.

The all-new FUCHS Reiner Grease Starter Kit is now available, consisting of the highly-acclaimed Reiner Grease Gun and two 500gm RENOLIT MP Plus cartridges.

The patented dual handle grease gun has proved to be a very popular addition to the FUCHS portfolio. The innovative gun produces 5800 psi/400 bar of pressure for improved and easier lubrication of long grease lines.

The gun’s special vacuum principle ensures cartridges are fully emptied, regardless of whether it is removed from the gun on numerous occasions, making it the complete, cost effective grease system.

Now, for the first time, FUCHS is selling the gun with two cartridges as a kit.

The RENOLIT greases are suitable for all market sectors, including agriculture, off-highway, automotive, commercial vehicles and industrial.

Rosemary Mellor, UK Automotive Product Manager, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of this new kit.

“The grease gun has made it easier to apply products to the desired area, especially for areas that require a greater volume of grease.

“Now the gun can be bought as part of a starter pack, making it more convenient and cost effective. We are always looking for ways to make our products more appealing and better value for money and this is another example of that.

“We hope that selling the starter pack will help to introduce new customers to our grease gun. It will be available via our network of distributors and trade stockists.”

Four carefully selected greases are available in 500gm cartridge, suitable for the REINER GREASE SYSTEM. They are the RENOLIT LX-PEP 2, RENOLIT FLM 2, the RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP 2 and the RENOLIT MP PLUS.


Heavy duty EP grease with specially selected additives to provide excellent performance characteristics over a wide temperature range. Suitable for agriculture, plant/off highway and automotive industries, RENOLIT LX-PEP 2 gives improved load carrying capacity, exceptional anti-corrosion and long life properties, even under high thermal and adverse operating conditions.


A premium grease for the majority of industrial and automotive applications, containing molybdenum disulphide to protect against shock loading conditions, as well as additives to improve oxidation resistance, corrosion protection and EP/anti wear properties.


Suitable for all industries, particularly automotive and light industry, RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP 2 is a high performance, water resistant grease for the long term lubrication of components subject to persistent high temperatures and high loads.


An excellent multi-purpose EP grease. Offers outstanding corrosion protection, excellent low temperature characteristics and good ageing and wear resistance.

For more information, visit www.fuchslubricants.com