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MAN Truck & Bus UK launches limited-edition regionalised trucks

Strict embargo: 12.01am, 1 April, 2016

Truckers from MANchester, MANsfield and beyond can now drive new-look vehicles

Fear not all you Mancunian truckers, from now on you can have your very own personalised truck boasting the name of your proud city thanks to a new initiative being launched by leading manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus UK.

The company is producing a selection of limited edition trucks which feature new grilles bearing the names of not just towns but also the words EnglishMAN, WelshMAN and ScotsMAN, for all those truckers who are proud of their heritage.

As well as MANchester, other places featured on the new-look trucks include MANsfield and the Isle of MAN. Female drivers have also not been forgotten with a special woMAN version also being launched.

Images of the trucks are being released across the manufacturer’s social media platforms on April 1, and can be seen on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Simon Elliott, Managing Director of MAN Truck & Bus UK, said: “We know that all MAN customers have great pride driving their vehicles. This new, once in a lifetime offer, will really put a cherry on the top of the cake for them.

“If people want to head to our social media sites and add more suggestions for MAN-inspired grilles, we would love to hear about them. We hope this initiative will really put a smile on people’s faces.”