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Cranbrook development welcomes triplets and twins

If you visit the new housing development in Cranbrook, you might be forgiven for thinking you’re seeing double – or even triple!

For Persimmon Homes’ Galileo scheme is proving to be a hotbed of multiple births, with a set of triplets living just doors away from a pair of twins.

The first families are now well settled at the new development.

And they include Steven Sheward and Emma Rosier, who are the proud parents of triplets, and Daniel Hooper and Laura Winsor, who have had twins.

After a difficult, sleep-deprived start, Steven and Emma are now getting to grips with having an additional three mouths to feed.

Emma gave birth to three boys last April – Jase, Kai and Flynn.

Steven said: “We went for a scan at seven weeks and they said there was some disparity with the size. The nurse said there’s not one in there, not two, but three!

“I was certainly a bit surprised! It was not something I had ever expected. I had to pinch myself.

“The first 12 weeks we were getting an hour or an hour-and-a-half sleep each night.

“Driving to work in the morning was the hardest part. Thankfully they now sleep between 7.30pm and 7.45am, but we’re still up until midnight sorting everything out for the next day.

“People wonder how we do it. So do I to be honest, it’s a really tough routine.”

Aware that they needed more space, Steven and Emma started searching for a new home.

The couple, who also have another child, daughter Tiana, saw a deal fall through for another property with another builder with just three weeks to go until the due date.

Steven said: “It was very stressful when our sale fell through. We walked into the Persimmon showhome at Galileo and the staff were very helpful.

“We bought our last house with Persimmon and they were good then – but they’ve really upped their game.”

Steven and Emma bought a five bedroom house, meaning that all of the children have their own room and Tiana has an ensuite for when she is a bit older.

Daniel and Laura’s twins, Sidney and Betsy, are now seven months old.

Daniel said: “I am a twin myself but I never expected to have twins of my own. We were with the sonographer and she said ‘there’s baby number one’ – that’s when it hit me.

“To be honest, they’ve been as good as gold. They are sleeping right through the night. It’s been wonderful.”

Daniel and Laura lived in a two up, two down in Heavitree in Exeter but realised they needed more room.

They visited the Galileo development and fell in love with the showhome.

Daniel, who works at Exeter Airport as a workshop manager, said: “We bought a four-bedroom Winster style property and moved in two months before the children were born.

“It’s a brilliant house – and it was 20 per cent less than comparable properties in Exeter.

“We were able to use both the Help to Buy scheme and Home Change which opened up new opportunities for what we could afford. We’re delighted.”

Due to high demand at Galileo, there are just a few four-bedroom home available, starting from £299,995. The Help to Buy and Part Exchange schemes are both available.

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