Hi, we’re 8848 - 8848

Hi, we’re 8848

8848, the highest point of Mount Everest (so our Nepalese friends tell us). And the new name for Connect PR and Seal Communications.

So why 8848?

Well that’s a question we’ve been asked a lot since our new brand was launched last week.

Once upon a time the marketing world was relatively simple. You were experienced in PR and press relations, or with marketing either above or below the line. Nowadays there are many terms for describing the complexity of the modern day marketing mix. Integrated. Omni-channel. Multi-channel. As the number of market channels and media have increased; as digital platforms have grown in influence; the ways of describing marketing has become varied and complex.

Since Connect PR acquired Seal at the start of 2015 we’ve been working as two independent, award-winning agencies with a shared passion for creating flexible marketing solutions. But we recognise the changing scope of what we do, of what our clients need and the blurred lines across marketing disciplines. That the traditional approach of PR and marketing is most certainly a thing of the past.

So quite simply, we’ve joined forces, and in the process created a single-minded agency focused on delivering exceptional results, without exception. An agency that understands that with so many communication platforms out there, brand consistency is crucial.

Don’t get me wrong we are proud of where we’ve come from and of what we’ve achieved so far, but we knew we needed to move with the times to be an agency not just for the future but for the here and now. And a new name had to be part of that change.

8848, well it just seemed the perfect fit.

After all, for many, successfully scaling the world’s highest peak is the ultimate challenge. One that takes daring, determination and not to mention meticulous planning. And the very same qualities we bring to our marketing, PR and creative communications. So what better source for inspiration than Everest itself? You can see why it stood out.

What’s more you’ll find it, Everest that is. Our brand inspiration. At the top of the stairs in our beautiful new offices.

So although we may have a shiny new logo, and a charming new location you’ll still find us as down-to-earth as ever. After all there are some things you wouldn’t want to change.