Got iOS10? Here are 10 hidden features you may not know about - 8848

Got iOS10? Here are 10 hidden features you may not know about


  1. Allow Siri to announce who’s calling when you’re wearing headphones

A new and improved version of caller ID, now Siri will tell you who’s calling if you enable this setting on your phone. Go to settings >phone> announce calls and then select your preference.

  1. Control the brightness of your flashlight

You can control the brightness of the flashlight using 3D Touch. Hard-press on the flashlight icon to choose bright, medium or low light.

  1. Never forget where you’ve parked again

Show Parked Location will drop a pin on your car on Apple maps. Turn on Show Parked Location by clicking on settings >maps and then connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth or CarPlay stereo.

  1. Access your camera from the lock screen

From the lock screen, simply swipe to the right and iOS will open up the camera app.

  1. Live photo editing

Users can edit their live photos, whether they want to edit for length, crop the size, or even add photo filters into the mix.

  1. Turn your iPhone camera into a virtual magnifying glass

Magnifier lets you use your camera to zoom in on text or an object in the distance. Settings> general > accessibility > magnifier. Once enabled you can activate the magnifier by triple clicking on the home button.

  1. Use Siri to retrieve hard-to-find photos

Use Siri to search for photos and videos based on a particular date, time frame or location. You can also ask Siri to bring up photos from yesterday or last week.

  1. Quickly browse through only your unread emails

In the mail app tap on the icon located in the lower left hand corner of the screen, Mail will only show you a list of unread messages. Hitting the icon again will bring you back to the everything view.

  1. Close all of your open tabs in Safari with one click

Safari > hold down done button > close tabs

  1. Re-enable touch to unlock

Use rest finger to open if you’re too lazy to physically press the button. Settings > general > accessibility > home button then select Rest Finger to Open.