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Seatbelts on for another fast ride in the automotive industry

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New car sales achieved another milestone in 2016 with registrations clocking up a record year of 2.7 million. Britain’s home-grown manufacturers didn’t fare too badly either, producing more than 1.7million cars, the highest total since 1972.

However, with 80 per cent of British-made cars sold as exports, the Brexit vote means nothing is being taken for granted in 2017.

Mike Hawes, head of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has said not having a tariff-free agreement in place ‘would jeopardise investment, growth and consumer choice’. He said: “Achieving this will not be easy and we must, at all costs, avoid a cliff-edge and reversion to World Trade Organisation tariffs, which would threaten the viability of the industry.”

The SMMT has estimated that the cost of taking the UK out of the single market would add £1,500 to the cost of buying a car in the UK, and a 10 per cent tariff on imports would cost the industry £2.7billion a year.

So what can we expect to see from the automotive industry this year?

CES, a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada, was once dominated by technology giants who looked to set the trends for the coming year and launch a new era of tech. However over the past decade, the giants of car and tech have merged, having a profound effect on the motoring world.

Best of CES2017 car innovations according to the industry?

Faraday Future – the 1,050mph electric car accelerates faster than a Bugatti Chiron, Tesla Model S and Lamborghini Aventador.


Honda NueV – the NueV concept remembers who you are, reacts to you and can earn you money.


Toyota Concept-i – looking like a car a Bond villain from the future would drive, the Concept-i uses an AI-assistant called Yui, who builds a relationship with the driver.


Mercedes Vision Van – the futuristic reimagining of the commercial vehicle comes complete with an intelligent loading system and dedicated delivery drones and robots.


Volkswagen I.D. – dubbed as the electric and autonomous cousin of the VW Golf, the funky I.D. has a range of 400-600 miles on one charge, has zero emissions and will be autonomous from 2025.


Ford Wireless charging for electric cars – first smartphones and now cars. Ford are developing wireless charging car park spaces, to make the process of juicing up your vehicle easier.


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