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Experts unite to bring latest training to workshops


Leading truck manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus UK and HOYER Petrolog UK Ltd, specialists in bulk logistics for the petroleum industry, united to take a safety and training roadshow to six dealerships around the UK.

Allan Davison, operations director at HOYER Petrolog UK Ltd, said: “We have a duty to identify and deliver cost and efficiency savings while maintaining outstanding safety and customer service performance.

“To do this we felt we needed to reach the people who have a direct impact on HOYER’s safety, compliance and service record – the technicians and the dealerships.

“Given the nature of the products we transport we cannot be complacent in any way and MAN as our largest subcontractor in the UK, along with its dealers, are a vital part in us achieving those objectives.

“HOYER Petrolog UK and MAN Truck & Bus UK will continue to grow a partnership approach towards safety, service and compliance.”

John Davies, MAN Truck & Bus UK aftersales director, added: “HOYER Petrolog, with almost 1,000 assets (tractor units and petroleum trailers) represent the majority of the major oil and fuel brands in the UK.

“In 2017 HOYER Petrolog vehicles in the UK will travel in excess of 80 million kilometres delivering more than 16 billion litres of fuel and more than 500,000 tonnes of bitumen, making them the largest single user of the MAN HazMAN specialist dealer network.

“We understand the importance of the highest levels of safety, compliance and vehicle availability for every operator and know they rely on us for support in delivering their commitments to customers.

“By working together on projects such as these training roadshows we can play our part in helping HOYER secure fresh distribution contracts and at the same time position MAN as their number one choice for supplying services and new equipment.”

Peter Ellison, Head of Fleet Services, SHEQ & Compliance for HOYER Petrolog UK Ltd said: “This was a great opportunity for the HOYER fleet team to address the people who have the biggest impact on our performance, the technicians.

“We presented to more than 140 people across the six strategic locations of which, about 100 of these were technicians and the remainder general managers from both organisations. The roadshow covered a range of subjects from company fleet objectives in safety, compliance & service, specific contract themes delivered by HOYER contract managers through to fleet policy changes, inspection standards and tyre husbandry.”

Mark Price, MAN international key account manager, said: “The roadshow stopped at six dealers, MAN Truck & Bus Bellshill, HRVS Scunthorpe, Aquila Truck Centre Kingsbury, MAN Truck & Bus Preston, PCL London and Harwoods Truck Centre Southampton.

“They were very well received and it was an excellent example of collaboration between two businesses that can be considered experts in their field.”