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Tough-PAC rolls out protective casings for iPads

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A Hampshire company has teamed up with Addmaster, the market leading supplier of technically innovative additives, to produce a unique, durable and protective casing system for iPads.

Alton based Inner-Vision Technology is breaking the chain of infection by rolling out its Tough-PAC anti-bacterial case system for iPads to hundreds of hospitals, clinical settings and care homes worldwide.

The Tough-PAC, which offers effective and long-lasting antimicrobial protection and peace of mind, is a hard shell case for iPad 2nd to 7th generation. Biomaster silver ion antimicrobial technology is incorporated into the plastic case during manufacture, inhibiting the growth of contaminating bacteria and fungi by more than 99.6%. And because Biomaster is permanent, and not just a coating, it lasts for the lifetime of the product.

Tough-PAC success stories include The Walton Centre, a specialist neurosurgical hospital in Merseyside, which developed a digital record system in 2016 and replaced paper observation charts with an e-observation system. It has 160 iPad Touch-PACS currently in use.

While the Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona, USA, which provides every young patient with an iPad during their stay, utilises the Tough-PAC to provide protection, security and to minimise contamination and aid infection control.

Keith Smith, managing director of Inner-Vision Technology, said: “We are really pleased to be supplying our products to support patient care in the UK and abroad.

“The Tough-PAC system with added Biomaster protection is a great way to minimise contamination within a hospital setting, aiding infection control.”

Biomaster technology offers protections against the dangers you can’t see. Easily incorporated into any plastic, textile, paper, paint or coating, it becomes an integral part of the manufacturing process and finished product.

Paul Morris, founder and CEO of Addmaster said: “Biomaster ensures effective antimicrobial protection for the effective lifetime of the product, helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic, and reduces the threat of cross-contamination.

“Biomaster pioneered the development of permanent antibacterial protection into new substrates such as plastics, coatings, textiles and paint and continues to create innovative additive technologies that provide long-term defence against harmful bacteria.”

With nearly 20 years’ experience, Addmaster helps some of the world’s leading brand owners create a unique selling point for their products with its diverse range of high quality and pioneering additives.