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World Youth Skills Day – an opportunity not to be missed

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Competition among young people to secure full time, well paid, good quality employment is higher than ever.

So World Youth Skills Day is a great reminder to both those starting out and their potential employers that work experience – as well as education – is a key factor in helping secure future employment.

As I delved deeper into this awareness day, I started to reflect on my own position in the big wide world of employment and asked myself: have I exercised all my opportunities to improve my skills and experience? As a second year undergraduate business student on a placement year, I only have a small amount of work experience under my belt, and am seeking opportunities to further this within marketing – currently with the help of companies such as 8848.

Skills development is vital to the success of not only individuals but also companies as they get to tap into new talent which brings to the team new energy, a different perspective and the benefits of, dare I say it, youth.

World Youth Skills Day offers an opportunity to unite and recognise the importance of youth skills development, as young people with limited skills and experience struggle to overcome unemployment and enter the working world.

I am really enjoying my time here at 8848. Two weeks in and I’ve already been involved in various activities, including research, training, brainstorming and of course how to make a decent cup of tea! I know I’m learning new and valuable skills that will help me further my career and make a more informed decision on my future.

Lucy Edginton