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The top five celebrity revenge stories

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They say revenge is a dish best served cold.

So, with Taylor Swift breaking the internet with her latest video – and all the theories of who she’s getting even with in each scene – we plucked some of our old favourite vengeance stories out of the chiller.

1. Daniel Craig

Rumour has it that after he left Satsuki Mitchell for Rachel Weisz, the Hollywood producer went on a million dollar spending spree, with the 007 star’s credit cards! No doubt leaving him shaken and stirred.

2. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes

The tempestuous relationship between former TLC star Lopes and NFL player Andre Ritson resulted in a flaming row when Lisa set fire to his mansion. OK, she only meant to torch his trainers in the bath, but – as ever with this couple – things quickly got out of control.

3. United Breaks Guitars

Canadian singer Dave Carroll’s valuable guitar was broken during a flight but United Airlines refused to pay the requested £1,200 compensation, so he penned a trilogy of songs that went viral. The story was picked up by the media, inspired numerous parodies and United Airlines share value plunged by 10%

4. Bobbitt

Younger readers are welcome to go Google this one but, essentially, back in the 90s abusive husband John Wayne Bobbitt had his manhood sliced off by wife Lorena, who then drove away from the house throwing the ‘evidence’ from the car window. John went on to form an unsuccessful rock band called The Severed Parts and perform in a series of adult films.

5. Taylor Swift

Because currently it seems nobody does it better (ah yes, another great revenge song – You’re So Vain by Carly Simon), Taylor has to join the list. The jury is out on whether her very public approach to anyone who displeases her will prove successful in the long run, but right now she has the power to deliver the strategy exactly as she likes. We’re not cruel, but a dark part of us hopes for continued relationship misery and celebrity fall-outs to fuel her creativity.

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