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YouTube has to Watch the throne – is Facebook the new video king?

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Remember the last time you saw an actual update from your friend on Facebook?

No, me neither. I love pet videos as much as the next man, but the Facebook landscape is evolving – and has been for a long time.

The long and short of it is, I know where to go to find dancing dachshund.

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg said last year that ‘within five years, Facebook will be mostly video’ – but is this enough to steal the crown from YouTube?

Both regular and live videos have become big business for Facebook, with the latter’s popularity having risen by over 330% since it was rolled out in April 2016. The site has even paid celebrities and influencers more than $50million to use the service.

Zuckerberg and co. are set to build on this with the all-new Facebook Watch.

This is a new tab in the platform’s app which lets users browse video content and choose from topics such as ‘Most Talked About’, ‘What’s Making People Laugh’ and ‘Shows Your Friends Are Watching’.

Facebook’s new home for original video will be lucrative business – they will take 45% of ad break revenue while its content-creators will get the remaining 55%.

Though it will only be available to a handful of creators in the US at first, it surely won’t be long before it comes to our shores and Facebook allows everyone to get in on the act.

Why will it work? The answer is simple.

Facebook is a part of everyone’s day-to-day routine now – whether we like it or not.

It is cornering the market and making sure it is the place to go to get your social media fix, whatever you fancy.

Facebook-owned platform Instagram has used a similar tactic to attempt to take down Snapchat, with its introduction of ‘Stories’. The audience is already on Facebook – and they know it.

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