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Biomaster Bear As Seen On TV

As The Big Sleuth draws to a close, the Biomaster protected Bear Necessities was featured on local TV station Made In Birmingham, demonstrating how it’s the most hygienic sculpture on the trail.

Watch the full clip with Simon Baugh from Biomaster below:

Bear Necessities is the first sculpture on a Wild In Art trail to be protected with Biomaster antimicrobial technology thanks to Urban Hygiene, helping to reduce bacteria, fungi and harmful microbes growing on its surface.

It was lovingly designed and painted by designer Anne-Marie Byrne and shows a thriving tropical habitat on the front, with the devastation caused by deforestation on the back of the bear.

Many of the world’s antibiotics have stemmed from natural resources found in the rainforest, so Anne-Marie’s design seemed a perfect match for Biomaster as targeted hygiene and reducing the risk of contracting illnesses can help in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Keeping harmful bacteria at bay around the home, at work or in hospitals by thorough cleaning in the right places and regular hand washing can help to stop infections being spread, which is increasingly important where common surfaces are being touched by many people.

Stats from The Big Sleuth app show over 6,000 people have visited Bear Necessities over the 10 week trail, meaning thousands and thousands of hands have been in contact with its coating.

Not all public art is protected with antimicrobial technology and adding Biomaster makes it easy to help reduce the risk of infectious and harmful bacteria spreading where there may be vulnerable people like the very young, elderly or people with underlying health issues present.

Click here to find out more about how Biomaster works and more products that Biomaster helps to protect.

The Big Sleuth trail will end on 17th September in preparation for the massive farewell weekend on 6-8th October, where all 100 bears will be on display for the final time before the closing auction.