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‘It’ is simply a great idea

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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

Creative teams can spend hours brainstorming a great concept, exploring options to deliver the perfect impactful campaign for their client.

And sometimes the most pared down light bulb moment cuts through all the babble.

So we absolutely love reports that red balloons have started to appear across Sydney, tied to storm drains and sewer covers, bearing the simple statement “it is closer than you think”.

Fans of horror supremo Stephen King quickly made the connection to the upcoming release of new movie ‘It’, with hundreds taking to social media to share photos and opinions.

In his 1986 novel and the chilling 1990 miniseries starring Tim Curry, evil clown Pennywise captures and kills children, with the red balloon motif signalling his presence.

This subtle campaign Down Under demonstrates what the very best horror writers and directors already know, all you need is a little suggestion and the imagination of your audience…

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