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The true value of Facebook ads in the consumer journey

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Digital marketing is more popular than ever. The digital world is constantly growing and with 85% of the UK now active on Facebook, it’s a marketer’s dream, but just how influential are Facebook ads on the decision-making journey of its users?

Social media gives companies the opportunity to reach individuals using specific promotional messages with detailed targeting options that can be offered by no other platform.

Consumers moved to mobile a long time ago. However, some companies remain behind by measuring the results of advertising campaigns using cookies, which don’t work on mobiles, or ‘last-click’ attribution models which ignore a consumer’s journey across devices and platforms.

A new study into the effectiveness of Facebook ads has been undertaken by UK mobile operator O2 and marketing intelligence company Visual IQ which investigates the true value of a Facebook ad.

Companies like O2 have recognised that part of the decision-making journey in a world dominated by social media is certainly attributable to Facebook advertising. Facebook ads are often a very powerful mid-funnel which act to influence decisions before the ‘last-click’.

The study found that Facebook contributed 83% more to sales volume than O2 had seen under the ‘last click’ model as well as uncovering the power of Facebook Custom Audience ads, which outperformed standard ads 63% in terms of cost per acquisition.

O2 also discovered that Facebook is a powerful amplifier for other media channels like email, display and search. “It was acting like surround sound for other channels and was seen to be complementing and strengthening the conversion rate of other channels” says O2’s head of digital excellence, Nick Adams.

It seems that a Facebook advert is not just about what’s on the surface, but a key influencer in the decision-making journey of consumers. If you’re looking to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy, drop us an email –