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Black Friday: The most promotional day of the year


The most anticipated day of offers, discounts and deals has arrived!

Huge numbers of shoppers will head to high street stores and online to grab some bargain buys in the month leading up to Christmas.

Today is also the perfect opportunity for brands to flood your inbox and news feeds creating a ‘buzz’ which sends potential shoppers into a Black Friday frenzy.

However, Black Friday isn’t always all it cracked up to be and for some companies it’s purely a promotional tool to increase sales without actually offering a discount.

A Which? study tracked the prices of products sold in 2016’s Black Friday deals across a full year – for six months before Black Friday and six months afterwards and found that 60% of the Black Friday deal items investigated were available for the same price or cheaper at other times of the year.

To check if a discount is honest, compare the price of the same product in different stores, it’s much easier to do this online than heading to the high street.

Many of the deals available today will be for a limited time only, however be aware that some offers have been going all week long and will often be extended to boost sales even further.

Enjoy a day of shopping the offers but remember to stay savvy!