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8 creative ways to share social media content

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1. Poll your audience

A poll is a great way to get your audience involved. Using Twitter to get people voting will help you to see an increase in engagement. The answers are anonymous so you’re much more likely to get votes than retweets or favourites. The question asked could be fun and informal or a method of consumer research.

You could even run the poll to launch a competition like 8848 did recently – http://bit.ly/2i1q2pd

2. Use emojis

Everyone loves an emoji. It’s a visual way of making a point without the use of a full-sized image. Whether it be a balloon to signify a special occasion or a car to show that you’re out of the office, your posts will be more appealing and stand out from the less creative messages around it.

3. Host a social competition

There’s no better way to engage your audience than a prize giveaway. A competition will attract followers and retweets like nothing else particularly if you use corresponding hashtags. Prizes should be relevant to your brand and a good enough incentive for people to share.

Here’s 8848’s latest social competition – http://bit.ly/2yeOhq6

4. Turn a blog post into a video

‘Vlogging’ is a creative way of turning your words into a visual experience for your audience. Sometimes it’s much easier to talk about a topic than it is to write about it, and video is an ideal way to catch the imagination of your followers.

5. Go live

You might be at an event, in the office or out with your colleagues. The option to ‘go live’ on Facebook gives you the ability to share with your audience exactly what’s happening the moment you hit that button. The best part of live videos is that they tend to jump straight to the top of your followers’ news feed and your audience will grow.

6. Attach a GIF

A GIF is a short, animated clip which can be attached to a post. As GIFs auto-play, they stand out in the stream of tweets and will catch your followers’ attention. A popular website to find a whole range of GIFs is GIPHY.

7. Share your followers’ posts

Retweet and share interesting and relevant posts on your timeline. It’s a way of showing appreciation to your followers and it mixes up your content to provide views and opinions from other users.

8. Create a collage

Sometimes one picture just isn’t enough. A collage is a great way to get the message of a post across using multiple images. This one is particularly useful for Instagram as many of us scroll through without bothering to swipe across if a post has multiple images. Picmonkey is a free collage creator you can use.


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