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Advertising on the Tube: a marketing paradise

The London Underground is an environment like no other with millions of commuters passing through it every single day.

Once down there, you’re part of a captive audience, making the Tube much more than just an efficient transport system. It’s a marketer’s dream!

The Underground takes away the distractions of every day life and is simply a means to get from A to B, which makes consumers much more susceptible to marketing messages.

A study carried out by Exterion Media revealed that 65% of commuters say advertising on the Tube is less intrusive than other channels – 70% agree they have the time to take notice of advertising on the Underground – and 6 out of 10 say ads provide a welcome distraction, helping the time on their journey to pass more quickly.

Commuters were found to actively seek out advertising on the Tube, with three out of five noticing when new ads appeared.

With the average London commuter spending 48 minutes a day on the Underground, it’s certainly a unique opportunity for brands to reach a ‘trapped’ audience.

We selected a variety of the best and worst underground promotions:

The ‘creative’ ad


The ‘controversial’ ad



The ‘mocking’ ad


The ‘pun-filled’ ad


The ‘funny’ ad


The ‘play-on-words’ ad


The ‘comfort’ ad



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