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Get creative with Canva

Have you ever wanted to design something aesthetically pleasing on your computer but got no further than a squiggly line on paint?

You trial Photoshop but are greeted by creative jargon that is impossible to navigate if you don’t have an expert team of graphic designers like 8848?

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Somewhere in between the two is a fantastic online piece of software called Canva.

Canva gives you the ability to re-size pictures, add text to photos, source free stock images, and design anything, from posters to party invitations.

You can search over 50,000 templates to get started, or with a blank canvas and use your imagination.

Our top 5 features are:

1. Custom dimensions allow you to keep your design to a set size, so when you download it you can be sure it’ll be fit for purpose, whether it’s for a website, blog or social media.

2. There are thousands of royalty-free images to use within your designs.

3. There’s a selection of quirky fonts to give your design a unique feel.

4. You can drag and drop backgrounds, stock photos and your own uploads, which makes designing much quicker and easier.

5. You can create a collage of images using the ‘layout’ section.

We can’t promise you’ll be a pro-designer, but it’s definitely worth having a go yourself!

It’s a handy starting point to get your creative juices flowing! Looking for pro-design? Drop us a line –