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10 of the most creative 404 web pages

On the blog the other day, we discussed the importance of removing broken links for your website’s SEO ranking.

In the unfortunate event that a broken link hasn’t been seen to, we end up at a 404 error page.

All good websites have a 404 page to let you know that you’ve been redirected somewhere that doesn’t exist.

But, you’re not just lead their by a broken link, you might try to find somewhere on the site that didn’t exist in the first place.

However you get there, many brands have taken it upon themselves to make this page a bit less dissapointing.

Here’s a few of our favourite 404 pages (click the link to see the page):

LEGO – Who pulled the plug?


Innocent Smoothies – ‘Last 808 Jam’ video (Twice as much fun as a 404)


Kualo  – You can actually play space invaders… and score over 1,000 to gain a discount on your web hosting – genius!


Airbnb – A 404 page is just as disappointing as… dropping your ice cream on the floor


Magnt – Your fault or their’s?


Pixar – Inside Out


20th Century Fox – Finding a 404 can leave you feeling like Edward Scissor Hands at the dinner table… (you’ll see a different movie clip every time you find the 404)


BBC – A mighty throwback


Costa – Looks like you made your way to the bottom of the cup


Smart – personalised number plate anyone?


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