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Instagram launches new IGTV app

Instagram, it’s the social media channel everyone is talking about.

You may have noticed a brand-new button at the top of your Instagram – well, here’s what it’s all about.

The new feature known as ‘Instagram TV’ or ‘IGTV’ allows users to upload videos without the limit of one minute.  Like Instagram it has been built for your phone, and will feature full-screen, vertical videos.

Visit the app, and you won’t need to trawl the web to find a video that meets your interest, IGTV will filter relevant content from the accounts that you follow. You can swipe up to discover more — switch between ‘For You’, ‘Following’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Continue Watching’. You can also like, comment and send videos to friends in Direct.

One thing’s for sure this adds a whole new dimension for businesses and will prove to be an exciting new marketing tool. Instagram has become increasingly popular with businesses promoting their products. Whether it’s through campaigns, video, ads or the new shoppable posts, Instagram has certainly upped its game over the last year.

So, should YouTube be worried? IGTV will perhaps be the biggest threat to YouTube in recent times. One reason is due to the sheer scale of Instagram. The other aspect of YouTube that Instagram will no doubt challenge is its influencer community – we know the sort, they have beautiful accounts, have thousands of followers and know how to use a filter or two. If IGTV does attract top influencers, they will certainly reap the rewards.

You can access IGTV two ways – via a button at the top of your Instagram – next to the DM paper airplane – or you can download the app separately.

As it is new, only time will tell if this new venture is worth the money for Instagram, but we’ll certainly be checking it out.

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