and the most liked Instagram photo ever goes to… an egg!

World records are there to be broken and that’s exactly what one Instagram page set out to achieve.

Who has the most likes on a single Instagram post you ask? First, there was Selena Gomez, then came Beyoncé, and Kylie Jenner.

But, not anymore!

@world_record_egg brought in the New Year by posting a photo of an egg on Instagram and setting the challenge to make it the most liked photo ever on the social media platform.

With thousands of likes coming in every second it was sure to be a contender and this weekend, just over a week since the post was uploaded, the egg has triumphed.

The former record of 18 million held by Kylie Jenner has been well and truly broken by the egg which currently stands at over 25 million likes.

It’s no yolk… have a look for yourself!

The likes just keep coming too!