The MTV VMAs took centre stage in Newark, New Jersey this week and we couldn’t resist having a look at the funniest tweets! From John Travolta’s mishap to Kevin Jonas’ very own Mike Wazowski moment, here are our top 5 tweets!

1. Kevin Jonas having his very own Mike Wazowski moment

Poor Kevin Jonas, the oldest Jonas Brother found himself at the centre of yet another joke during the VMAs red carpet, thanks to a MTV faux pas. The ill-placed graphic aired during the Jonas Brother’s interview and covered Kevin’s face for pretty much the whole chat.

2. Travolta’s ‘Adele Dazeem’ sequel

John Travolta suffered yet another award mishap, but this time the Grease star tried to hand the award to Jade Jolie, a drag queen dressed as Taylor Swift. In his defence, her Swift impersonation is very convincing!

3. J Balvin and Bad Bunny channelling their inner Super Mario Bros.

The evening got pretty weird when J Balvin and Bad Bunny performed ‘Que Pretendes’ and their performance certainly channelled Super Mario Bros’ very own Mario and Luigi.

4. This hilarious mix-up

One eager fan couldn’t contain their excitement following Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s sensual performance of Senorita. So much so they tagged the wrong person – Camila Mendes – an easy mistake to make.

5. Who is the VMA host?

Those watching the VMAs last night were probably left wondering who Sebastian Maniscalo was, as he wasn’t your typical VMA host. Based on Twitter reactions his hosting skills missed the mark, following comments about people being ‘triggered’.