Six of the best campaigns we’ve seen during lockdown

From speculative Guinness genius, to real hard hitting United Nations appeals, here is a lowdown of the best creative campaigns that we have seen over the past few weeks.


  1. Dove. “Courage is beautiful.”

Dove puts a new face to real beauty as a salute to health care workers who are working on the front line to help treat COVID-19 patients. The ads are beautiful in their simplicity, showing the faces of the nurses and doctors that have been marked by the protective equipment they must wear everyday to help save lives.



  1. United Nations. “I want a home.”

In these times of lockdown, when we all feel that we would give anything to leave our homes and return to normality. All the homeless that are quarantined on the streets around the world would give anything to have one. Enough said.



  1. Netflix (Speculative). #StayTheF**kHome

Students of Miami Ad School in Europe came up with this inspired idea to discourage people from going out by putting billboards filled with spoilers from their favourite Netflix Originals series. Shows included Love is Blind, Stranger Things, Narcos, Money Heist and Kingdom. The idea was to show that spoilers might prevent people from going out when they don’t need to, even if nothing else will.



  1. Guinness (Speculative).“Stay at home.”

The speculative Guinness ad was created by Dublin-based copywriter Luke O’Reilly as part of a creative brief from UK based One Minute Briefs. The ad has been praised for its simplicity, it cleverly outlines a pint glass and places a cream sofa at the head of the pint, with the Covid-19 message, “Stay at Home” at the bottom.



  1. EMILY Crisps. “EAT BOLD”

Snack brand EMILY cleverly changed its ad creative in reaction to the coronavirus lockdown. After realising that its first pre-booked outdoor advertising campaign would not be seen by many people during lockdown, it decided to use the ads to call out to its media misfortune, hoping to put some smiles on key workers’ faces.



  1. Unknown (Speculative). “YOU ARE THE CURE”

We spotted this piece of work on Famous Campaigns, a site dedicated to celebrating the best innovative creative communications. It has sparked many reactions and comments as there is no cure for coronavirus. It is however a powerful reminder that the only way to stay safe is to isolate and stay at home, as the virus is spread by humans. If anyone knows who created it please get in touch and we will happily attribute it to them.

Liz Collingridge

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