National Apprenticeship Week - Meet Georgia - 8848

National Apprenticeship Week – Meet Georgia

Hello and Happy National Apprenticeship Week, I’m Georgia.

I joined 8848 Agency last May as a Digital Marketing Degree Apprentice and what a busy ten months it has been.

From being involved with on the road campaigns and getting under the skin of new clients, to getting to know everyone here at 8848 and finding the best spots for a lunchtime trip out, it has been a busy start to my career journey here at 8848.

I always wanted to take the apprenticeship route when leaving school as I thought it would be a better opportunity to obtain a degree whilst working at the same time – so I did some research, found a company that not only appealed to my interests but also had a great ethos and team. Cue 8848.

My course at Aston University began in January and it’s full steam ahead. As well as a busy course schedule, I currently support the social media team as well as the digital marketing team at 8848 Agency, aiding the learning required for my degree.

So far, I have had several lectures on the advancements of technology and how it is affecting modern day marketing.

In the upcoming months, I’ll be looking at how using different social media platforms can widely affect a business’s marketing profile, as well as covering modules for events marketing and strategic marketing.

A thank-you to 8848:

I can’t thank 8848 Agency enough for supporting me through my apprenticeship journey and giving me the opportunity to study and apply those skills within my current role. I look forward to the upcoming years and developing my knowledge and skills.