Appreciation Costs Nothing

Another week, another day to celebrate. I know, particularly when you work in PR, that we often smile at these days while at the same time using them to gain content for clients. This week it’s Employee Appreciation Day and I, more than most, currently have a lot to be grateful for.

No details required and please, no pity (I know I am not alone) but 2022 has been somewhat challenging so far. I currently find myself a daily hospital visitor with a very sick parent. Emergency evening calls, early morning cries for help from a team of wonderful carers, accident and emergency visits, endless tests, and sleepless nights – it’s been full on.

Since Christmas, I really don’t think I’ve been much of a team player. The guilt and juggle are real. Lucky for me, the team has been playing for me and for that, I am truly grateful. All I can do is never forget how wonderful everyone has been to me and ensure I give back when they need me in the future.

So, thanks to everyone – I know how lucky I am to have you.


How Are You Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day?

Whether its through cake or just a simple appreciative message to fellow colleagues, let us know how you’re celebrating Employee Appreciation Day this year by tweeting us on Twitter.