Brand Breakdown – Making your Brand Content Stand Out

With new brands being created left right and centre, increasing competition has made it more difficult to make your company stand out from the crowd. 

Brilliant content doesn’t just require a team of creative geniuses but requires insight on your brand’s market position so that you find your way through the saturated market.

Your brand is essentially your company’s biggest asset. Although often confused with a logo, your brand is so much more than that as it represents what your company does, your culture and your values. Therefore, it is important that the way you communicate your brand reinforces and is consistent with your brand essence. 

So creating a brand identity that is different to your competitors is crucial. Where do you start? 

Distinguish your business niche 

To stand out from your competitors, the first thing you need to consider is what makes you different to everyone else. What is your business niche and who is your target audience? 

To do this, market research on your competitors is key. Who are they targeting? What content are they delivering? Don’t just look at their success stories but also identify areas where they lack. Can you better some of your rivals out there? If so, showcase how and demonstrate your credentials.

Producing the same content and writing the same blogs as everyone else can make you blend into the crowd. Creating unique content for your brand allows you to specifically highlight the areas that your company excels in and makes you distinctive.

Consistency is key 

Brand consistency helps to create a strong association between your values and the visual elements, setting your brand apart from the competition.

Whether it’s a particular theme, font or colour scheme, keeping it consistent across everything will not only have a visual impact  but will bring with it a huge benefit of brand recognition within the market. 

Make yourself visible 

To achieve successful conversions for your brand, you need to be seen. No matter how consistent you are, if you’re not being seen, you’re not receiving the important interactions you need. 

SEO is your best friend. Being visible online is so important and a lot of the time comes at no extra cost. As a brand, take time to consider using keywords in your content in order to rank higher in your searches. No one wants to be on the second page of google. 

Go from strength to strength by incorporating online advertising, from brand awareness through to conversion – this can take you from zero to hero in terms of your visibility. 

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