New webinar series for Baxi

New webinar series for Baxi

Our latest work for Baxi is now live with the launch of a new webinar series called ‘Let’s talk ASHP Solutions’.

Part 1 Now Live: Policy, Legislation, and Funding Opportunities

The first instalment of the series is now available on Baxi’s Knowledge Centre. Featuring Jeff House, Baxi’s External Affairs and Policy Director, the webinar delves into the current policy landscape, relevant legislation, and funding opportunities surrounding commercial heat pumps.

This collaborative project, spearheaded by 8848’s Head of Content and PR, Sean Wozencroft, will deliver a total of six webinars. Each session will be condensed for social media channels and accompanied by a supporting technical article, ensuring maximum reach and knowledge retention.

The webinars are aimed at a technical audience including installers.

Baxi is leading the energy transition to zero carbon, by offering complete residential and commercial heating and hot water solutions. As one team across the UK and Ireland, and with the backing of its global parent company, BDR Thermea Group, the company works together with a collective knowledge and expertise that’s centuries in the making.

Why choose webinars?

Navigating complex industry issues

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial.  Especially for your customers, navigating the complexities of industry issues can be daunting.  This is where webinars emerge as a powerful tool to bridge the knowledge gap and empower your customers with valuable insights.

Accessibility and convenience

Webinars break down geographical barriers, allowing customers to participate from the comfort of their own location. The flexible format caters to busy schedules, making knowledge acquisition easier.

Targeted content

Unlike traditional marketing methods, webinars allow you to tailor content to specific customer segments and their unique challenges within the industry.  This targeted approach ensures the information resonates directly with their needs.

Thought leadership positioning

By addressing key industry issues, you establish yourself as a thought leader.  This expertise fosters trust and positions your company as a reliable resource for valuable industry knowledge.

Measurable results

Webinars allow you to track vital metrics like attendance rates, engagement levels, and post-webinar downloads.  This data provides valuable insights to refine your approach and ensure future webinars deliver maximum impact.

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