Mitsubishi Pencil Co. launch digital app

Mitsubishi Pencil Co. has embraced the digital revolution by launching an iPhone app based on its POSCA paint marker.

The brand new app, named iPOSCA, is available to download free of charge from iTunes. Simple to use, the app allows individuals to select the POSCA line width of their choice before drawing directly onto their iPhone or iPod Touch.  Photographs can also be customized and then sent via email or uploaded to facebook.

“iPOSCA brings to life POSCA in the virtual world.  Users can even shake their phone to prime the pen just like in real life,” said Stuart Barker, marketing manager for Mitsubishi Pencil Co. “The app will introduce POSCA to a whole new audience who will be able to express their creativity through this online medium. We look forward to seeing these new artistic digital creations.”

POSCA water-based paint markers from Mitsubishi Pencil Co. produce vibrant colours that can write on any surface.  Available in seven different tip widths, from fine line to extra broad, POSCA are fun to work with and extensively used to create eye catching designs, illustrations and posters.