Clean your boat with WD-40

WD-40 multi-use product can clean and maintain your boat!

No longer confined to the garage, WD-40 can clean and protect all the metalwork on your boat, including pulleys and engines. Thanks to the moisture displacing and penetrating properties, it is an essential companion for on the water.

The new WD-40 Smart Straw allows you to spray two ways to get right into engines for a more precise application, using the wide spray allows you to hit larger areas. With hundreds of different uses WD-40 can take care of it, no matter whether it is lubricating sails or cleaning and protecting engines.

WD-40 has devised a list of top boating tips available on the company’s website ( but WD-40 top wonder uses for boating are:

Clean up quick – WD-40 is perfect for cleaning all metal surfaces in and around your boat. Simply spray WD-40 directly or onto a clean cloth and wipe the surface over to remove dirt, grime, mildew and water marks. WD-40 will also protect to maximise the life of your metal parts.

Open up – Stop windows from sticking and keep them gliding open easily by spraying WD-40 on window tracks to clean away dirt and lubricate the sliding mechanism. WD-40 will also penetrate stuck mechanisms to get them moving again.  

Scratches be gone – Use WD-40 to help buff out scuff marks on an area, simply spray and polish with a cloth.

Prevent rust on boats – Using WD-40 to protect your metal surfaces and mechanisms will prevent rust. Prolonging the life of your equipment.

Boat engines – Maintain engines by cleaning, protecting and displacing moisture with WD-40; it will increase their life span.