Iron out your game with WD-40

We’re putting it to you; WD-40 multi-use product is the ultimate secret when it comes to looking after your golf clubs, bag, trolley and shoes.

Iron out your game by carrying a blue and yellow can of the world’s number 1 multi-use product with you. It not only cleans, but also protects all your golfing equipment from your clubs to your trolley.

WD-40 is ideal for cleaning and can also assist in buffing out your scuff marks and the moisture displacing properties can help drive out moisture after the wetter rounds. The Smart Straw sprays two ways and is ideal for wide spray areas and getting into those harder to reach areas, which need a more precise application – such as the spikes on your golf shoes.

WD-40 has devised a list of top golfing tips on the company’s website ( but WD-40’s top wonder tips are:

–       Protect your head – with a few sprays of WD-40 on shafts and club heads your golf clubs will be cleaned and protected to help raise your game.

–       Golf gear – WD-40 will also displace moisture when you are playing on the rainier days to help protect your bag, shoes and clubs.

–       Golf trolley – Keep the golf trolley clean and running smoothly by treating it with WD-40. WD-40’s unique formula will clean wheel mechanisms and engines. The lubricating properties of WD-40 will also ensure mechanical movements move freely and keep moisture out.

–       Improve your game with WD-40 – The penetrating properties can be used to free up your trolley wheels and spikes from your shoes.

–       Remove sticky residue – WD-40 can remove grip tape with ease, leaving no sticky residue.


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