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Motoring duo refuse to put the brakes on

Most people nearing retirement look forward to a rest, but two Harlow men refuse to slow up after accumulating 82 years of working for the same company.

Robbie Criddle and John Bzingel, both from Harlow, have remained at Abridge Volkswagen in Harlow throughout their motoring careers and put it down to a great team spirit and an appealing brand.

Warranty executive, Robbie, joined the Volkswagen business in 1965 at the age of 18, as a car technician.

The motoring specialist has carried out various job roles throughout his 47 year career and has even visited the Volkswagen factory in Germany as part of his career development, but has never been tempted to leave and will remain in his role on a part time basis.

John entered the automotive industry as a salesman joining Abridge Volkswagen in 1976 but has actually worked with the car brand since 1974. Although employed in various job roles John will remain full time in his current position of sales executive, following his official retirement.

“I am just not ready leave,” said John. “I enjoy my job and feel no need to slow up yet.”

Robbie added: “I have always enjoyed working with the Volkswagen brand and feel lucky to work with a great team; working part time feels like the perfect compromise.”

Both men have witnessed the launch of numerous Volkswagen models and various business changes throughout their long career.

Each have received long service awards from its present owner, the Jardine Motors Group, which purchased Abridge Volkswagen in 2006. The awards recognise dedication to the brand and business every five years.

Ashley Humphreys, general sales manager at Abridge Volkswagen, added: “We feel honoured to have such experienced and dedicated individuals in our team and delighted that they both wish to continue with Abridge.”