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Goodyear invites you to quiz Quentin

Goodyear has launched a nationwide appeal to get people to ‘Quiz Quentin’ at the Brighton to London Future Car Challenge (BLFCC).

Ahead of the annual event, motorists will be able to post questions to Quentin Willson on any aspect of driving through Goodyear’s social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.

The well known motoring personality will be driving a Fiat 500 fitted with Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres while answering motorists’ questions on anything from the impending tyre labelling legislation to fuel efficient driving via video link broadcast on YouTube.

Held in November, the BLFCC will see vehicles travel a 60 mile journey from Brighton to London to promote green motoring technology. The Goodyear Fiat 500 will educate consumers about the fuel saving benefits of four EfficientGrip tyres which are Goodyear’s ‘eco’ offering.

“This is a great event and one we are happy to be involved with,” explains Goodyear PR support manager, Kate Rock.

“We have introduced this initiative with Quentin Willson as another means of engaging with the consumer and teaching motorists the necessary skills of driving with efficiency and safety in mind.

“We really hope motorists get involved and take the opportunity to quiz a well-known motoring expert, whatever the question may be.”

To Quiz Quentin, post your questions on or via @goodyear_uk on twitter.