National gold award for Kelvedon man

A Kelvedon man’s bright idea that could save his company over £150,000, has been rewarded at a recent ceremony.

Jim Wood, after sales manager at Inchcape Volkswagen in Colchester, was presented with a gold accolade at Inchcape’s annual Leading Lights awards.

More than 3,000 people across the company’s UK businesses are nominated for a Leading Lights award, but only around 40 reach the gold standard every year.

The awards are designed to recognise staff who have demonstrated outstanding service to customers and the business.

He was nominated for the award after devising a metal recycling scheme for the Colchester Volkswagen business, which now saves more than 100 tons of metal every year and has reduced costs by at least £150,000.

In fact the scheme has proved so successful it is now being rolled out to over 100 other retailers in the Inchcape group across the UK.

Jim, who has worked for Volkswagen for more than 35 years, said: ”Getting the gold award has been a tremendous honour for me, especially as so few of the company’s employees actually reach this level.

“I am obviously delighted that an idea I thought of has saved this company so much money.”

Richard Taylor, brand manager at Colchester’s Inchcape Volkswagen, said: “Jim thoroughly deserves this award and the congratulations of every at the retailer.

“His experience is invaluable to the business and he provides a fountain of knowledge to the technicians and service advisors in Colchester.”