Fork truck operators onto a cushy number

Yale Europe Materials Handling has introduced a new engine powered cushion tyre VX series into the UK, France and Germany however this could soon extend to other countries to meet demand.

Designers have worked hard to design a frame which can comfortably accommodate a cushion tyre rather than a pneumatic or super-cushion (super-elastic) tyre. The outcome is a significantly more compact fork lift truck with reduced dimensions for greater manoeuvrability when operating within tight aisles.

This is especially valuable to customers who have applications where load capacities have increased, but the existing aisle width cannot easily be increased to accommodate a higher capacity lift truck.

As a result of the launch of this new series Yale can now provide customers with a solution to this dilemma with a compact truck with the ability to handle increased capacity loads in smaller spaces.  This is not a marginal difference as the load capacity can be significantly higher. For example the load capacity that can be handled by the compact truck can be 3.5 tonnes compared to the 2.5 tonnes of a conventional counterbalance truck operating in the same aisle width.

The new compact series can also be an important option for consideration by customers who block stack loads without the use of racking, or shelving.  With a much smaller footprint the VX compact series can provide additional storage capacity in areas used to block stack palletised goods. This is particularly important when the volume of goods being stored in the warehouse is increased to accommodate seasonal peak demand.  For example the Yale GLP 40 VX (4.0 tonnes) can block stack under 1,200mm in comparison to 1,400mm for a conventional pneumatic or super cushion tyre counterbalance fork lift truck.

This series work well indoors on smooth floors found in most warehouses and production areas. In general, trucks equipped with cushion tyres also result in a cleaner environment, as a result of reduced ‘tyre scrub’.  They use less fuel as a result of their reduced rolling resistance and they enhance load stability as a result of less tyre deflection. They can also lift heavier loads to increased lift heights which is another way to increase storage capacity.

Yale brand manager, Steve Ridgway, said: “There are a number of advantages associated with this new VX series, the most important is of course their extremely compact dimensions. This series provides customers who cannot justify the cost of building a new warehouse or expanding existing storage capacity in the current economic climate with a real application alternative and a more attractive financial option.”

The new compact VX series uses the successful Yale Intellix Vehicle Management System and CANbus technology to monitor truck systems and the Techtronix 100 transmission to deliver precise handling, outstanding manoeuvrability and high performance. It is available in Value and Productivity specifications and benefits from all of the technology and ergonomic advantages of the Yale Veracitor series.

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