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Miraculous triplet sisters settle into their new home

A couple who never imagined they would be able to have children have defied the odds of conception after giving birth to triplet sisters – four years apart.

In a sudden change of fate, Martin and Nadine Cooper of Melksham found out they were expecting twins four years after the birth of their daughter Libby.

Taken from the same embryo batch created in 2007 through IVF treatment, Martin and Nadine never imagined one child, so the news of two more quickly sparked the search for a new, bigger home and a move closer to their wider family.

The couple moved from a small three bedroom townhouse in Swindon to a Charles Church four bedroom detached house at Manor Park on Skylark Road in Melksham.

Nadine, said: “Once we found out we were expecting twins and the reality set in, we knew we had to find a bigger home and move closer to the family for extra support.  It didn’t take us long to fall in love with our new home at Manor Park, which the five of us now comfortably live in.

“When we decided to have IVF treatment, we never believed we would have three children and it’s a miracle three triplets were born out of the six embryos created, despite being born four years apart.  We’d like to thank Charles Church for helping us make a swift move in time for the arrival of little Neeve and Maddie.”

Martin and Nadine used the Charles Church Part Exchange scheme to secure their new property.

Pauline Fletcher, Charles Church Wessex sales and marketing director, said: “This is a wonderful story and it’s great to hear of such good news for the Coopers.

“It’s great to see the family settled into their new home and I’m glad we were able to help them through Part Exchange by taking the hassle out of purchasing a new property whilst trying to sell their old one – and going through pregnancy!”

Manor Park is a well-planned development offering a collection of luxury two, three, four and five bedroom houses in Melksham.

To find out more about Charles Church Manor Park, call the marketing suite on 0844 490 2616 or visit www.charleschurch.com.