One of the most famous brands in the world is launching a new range of products for the motorbike industry.

The lubricant manufacturer, WD-40 Company, has produced a new range of products under the WD-40 Specialist Motorbike name, designed to give riders and mechanics best in class solutions.

The range of seven products has been developed based upon research to help keep bikes well maintained whilst supporting improved performance. They are:

Chain cleaner – Easy to use and quickly removes dirt, grime, dust and oil from chains. It dries in minutes and helps maintain chain performance for longer

Brake cleaner – Removes brake dust, dirt, oil and brake fluid from brake and clutch systems. It’s quick drying and regular use prolongs life of brake discs and brake pads

Total wash – All-purpose cleaner designed to quickly cut through traffic film and road grime. This formula leaves a great finish and is safe to use all over your bike!

Chain lube – Provides exceptional long lasting lubrication and protection for your chain in dry conditions. Its quick drying with outstanding anti-fling properties to help chains last longer

Chain wax – Provides exceptional corrosion protection and lasting lubrication for your chain in wet conditions. With added PTFE it has outstanding anti-fling properties, reducing friction and wear on moving parts

Silicone shine – Specially formulated to give an all over great shine to your bike. The fast evaporating formula acts quickly and is easy to apply with no need to buff

Wax & polish – Designed to leave your bike with a deep glossy shine. The formula contains Carnauba Wax, one of the hardest naturally occurring waxes, which provides a wet look finish and long lasting shine

David Whittome, WD-40 Company’s UK marketing manager, said: “The launch of our new range of seven products for the motorbike market is based on feedback from riders and race teams across the UK.

“We’re introducing the WD-40 Specialist Motorbike range to help owners, racers and enthusiasts keep their machines in excellent condition – on the road, on track and in the garage.”

As part of the launch, WD-40 Company has announced that it is the title sponsor of the GR Motosport racing team, which competes in the British Superbike Race Series.

The team will be known as Team WD-40 and contains some of the top young British and American riders.

Fifteen-year-old Joe Francis, from Chester, secured a podium finish in the first round of the Monster Energy Motostar British Championship, while 22-year-old Jon Railton from Huntingdon and 24-year-old Tommy Aquino, from California secured good finishes in the Pirelli National Superstock 1000 Championship.

“Team WD-40 is an exciting development for us as a company and we’re delighted that Joe, Jon and Tommy are part of the team for 2013 and we are keen to see a successful partnership in the coming season ahead,” commented David.

“As always the aim is to be competitive and I’m sure all three riders will deliver first class performances throughout the year.”