Yale quenches Hövelmann’s Thirst for new forklifts

One of the leading beverage logistics companies in Germany has turned to Yale and its authorised dealer Helmut Reiter to manage an important part of its materials handling operation.

Hövelmann-Ahr Getränke Logistik, based in Oberhausen, Germany, warehouses and distributes various types of beer, soft drinks and mineral water and is one of the leading beverage logistics firms in Germany.

The company has a relatively short but interesting history with Yale. Hövelmann signed a service agreement for a part of their fleet of over 110 counterbalance and warehousing trucks with Helmut Reiter just 1 1/2 years ago. As a result of the service the company had received over this time, the contract had exceeded their expectations so when the need for new warehousing trucks arose, they had no hesitation in turning to Oliver Priedigkeit, salesman at Helmut Reiter, for support.

Oliver said: “Hövelmann was part of the test programme for Yale’s new MO25 low level order picker truck last year. Staff used it for a three week period and were so impressed with its performance that they placed an order immediately after completion of the product testing for the first MO25 to be sold and delivered in Europe.”

While using the pilot truck, operators at Hövelmann identified a number of design changes that they thought would improve the truck from an operator’s perspective.

Numerous pallets with water, beer and soft-drinks are moved everyday at Hövelmann, consequently, operators asked Yale to change the design of the front rollers to allow easier entry into pallets with a bottom board and requested an option of three positions for the front rollers. They also requested a flat bar onto which the company could mount the operators’ key pad and computer/monitor picking terminal rather than the round bar on the original design.

As the company needed the truck to operate throughout the full eight-hour shift the design of the battery compartment was changed to accommodate a 620 amp/hour battery. A soft polyurethane bumper for the operators’ knees was also specified, as was a cushioned floormat – both of which are now standard.

Satisfied with the modifactions made to the pilot truck, Hövelmann placed an order for the first MO25 off the Yale production line. In service for over a year now, the order picker has proved itself and has resulted in an order for 11 additional units.

Mr. Peter Thome, head storeman at Hövelmann, said: “We have been a fan of this model since testing it last year and we had no hesitation in specifying Yale once again.

“The modifications Yale made to the trucks have helped us provide a much more comfortable working environment for our operators and has also allowed us to make the process of loading and unloading of large pallets much more efficient.

“We have been extremely impressed with Yale’s ability to tailor the trucks to suit our specific needs. Having used Yale product previously, experience tells me we have once again chosen the very best possible materials handling solution.”

Yale’s low level order picker is available in two capacities – 2000kg and 2500kg with 48 different fork options and is designed for use in a wide range of manufacturing applications, particularly line-feed operations.

The powerful high thermal capacity 2.6kW AC drive motor delivers high performance acceleration, braking and travel speed, making these models ideal for stop and go operations. Effortless electrical steering and automatic speed reduction on cornering ensures excellent control and high productivity and the anti-roll back on ramps device ensures an efficient operation.

This model suits a whole host of applications from low level order picking, infrequent 2nd level picking, intensive and high throughput picking operation and transporting heavy double full pallet loads.