North East housebuilder launches self build scheme - 8848

North East housebuilder launches self build scheme

A leading housebuilder is backing a national drive to encourage more people to build their own homes and double the UK’s self-build sector.

Charles Church North East is about to release 39 serviced self-build plots at Newcastle Great Park for anyone looking to build their own perfect home.

This country has the lowest level of self-build homes throughout Europe, with more than 80 per cent of homes being self-built in Austria and 50 per cent in Scandinavia, Germany and Belgium.

Just last month Planning Minister Nick Boles challenged councils to find land for people who aspire to self-build, saying he was determined to help families create their dream homes.

Newcastle City Council is one local authority that is leading the way and Charles Church North East is getting behind the initiative.

A spokesman for Newcastle City Council said: “The introduction of self-build plots at Newcastle Great Park is an exciting development in the local housing market.

“The self-build plots will provide individuals with the opportunity to explore creative methods of housing design and build, allowing people to build unique homes that reflect current lifestyles and personality.

“We have worked closely with Charles Church on this initiative and we hope this will provide some families with the opportunity to create their dream home while also extending the housing offer currently available across Newcastle city.”

Newcastle Great Park is three miles north west of the city centre and the development is fast becoming one of the most sought-after residential locations in the area.

John Eynon, managing director for Charles Church North East, said: “We take great pride in being responsive to the market and have always expanded our range and choice to meet the needs and demands of a growing population.

“Our new self-build plots are an extension of that and we hope people will seize the opportunity to create something unique in a beautiful setting.

“When these plots are released it really will offer people the chance of a lifetime to create a stunning home that is absolutely perfect for them and their families.”

The self-build plots are located on the rural edge of the Great Park development, which includes a range of housing from starter homes to executive properties. The self-build plots will come in five different sizes to suit various budgets.

People will have the freedom to design and construct their own home, which can be up to three storeys high, whilst still working within a Design Framework.

However Mr Eynon stressed that while the framework will encourage high quality architectural design and protect the visual amenity of the site, it will not inhibit innovation and individuality.

Charles Church will provide road access to all plots, which will also be provided with foul and surface water drainage and utilities such as water, gas, electricity and telecommunications.

When it is finished, Newcastle Great Park will offer 2,500 homes catering for every need from affordable living, to family homes and executive properties, together with a high quality business park and retail, health, leisure and community facilities.  Half of the 1,200 acre site is also being landscaped to create a mix of woodland and meadowland with hills, vales and streams creating an idyllic setting.