Yale provides complete solution for busy Bavarian warehouse operation

Yale Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) equipment is playing a vital role at a warehouse operated by one of Germany’s leading logistics companies. Supplied by Yale dealer Ziegler Gabelstapler GmbH, the MTC 15 is proving a vital addition to the materials handling fleet at Rudolph Logistik’s Ingolstadt facility. 

A family-owned company, Rudolph Logistik has enjoyed an 11-year relationship with the Gersthofen-based dealer Ziegler, which has also supplied the company with a diverse range of Yale fork lift trucks and other materials handling equipment.

The company’s first MTC was installed in September 2006 and by July 2012 it had provided more than 7,500 hours of faultless service As well as being ideally suited to the demands of the company it is also easy to operate and ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort for operators.

The ergonomic design of the truck also enables ease of operation in a comfortable cab for operators.

Frau Elke Bösl, who operates the equipment at the busy warehouse explained: “The truck inserts the forks automatically and no effort is needed to pick the pallets up, to restart or to lift the forks again. It is all done automatically.

“The operation is very straight forward and simple and the machine is very easy to manage. If the position is not exactly right, the forks can be moved slightly up or down.

“The machine can be operated with great ease and I find it really comfortable to work on it for long periods.”

The length of service at Rudolph is testament to the MTC’s longevity and reliability with Yale’s advanced AC Technology Sealed Motors, electrical connectors and hall-effect sensors delivering superior dependability.

For optimal performance, CANbus electronics provide function monitoring and diagnostic capabilities as well as continuous sensing of speed to weight ratios.

When combined with Yale’s innovative thermal management system, a heavy duty, dual motor electro-hydraulic system and a tried and tested power train, the MTC series provides a reliable, cost effective solution to a wide range of very narrow aisle warehouse applications.

The unique feature of the pantograph that allows the truck to operate in the narrowest of aisles whilst the MTC mast design provides exceptional rigidity with lift heights that can exceed 16 meters.

The MTC 15 model in use at Rudolph is part of a fleet of 60 trucks supplied to the company by Ziegler. Other Yale models in the fleet include GPL20VX, ERP18VT, GLP55VX counterbalance trucks, MO20 and pallet trucks and MS12 stackers.

Since it was first established in 1946, Rudolph Logistik has grown into a global company, with 30 sites in Germany and facilities in Russia, Portugal and Luxemburg employing around 2,000 people.

Its Ingolstadt warehouse is a major distribution hub for food products, automotive parts and a wide range of other products and Yale is playing a key role in its smooth and efficient operation.

Axel Schafer of Ziegler, explained: “We have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with Rudolph Logistik for over a decade and we continue to meet all the company’s requirements.  This is down to a winning combination of great Yale products and excellent service support.  In fact the success of the MTC 15, its reliability over an extended period of time and its popularity with the employees who actually use it highlights the fact that we are providing the most appropriate and efficient materials handling solution for our clients.”