WD-40 turns 60 but no squeaky joints here

An iconic global brand is on the hunt for one of their biggest fans to feature in their 60th anniversary celebrations.

 WD-40 Multi-Use Product, renowned all over the world for helping silence squeaky joints and protect motors from rust, will celebrate its diamond anniversary in September and is commemorating the event by releasing a limited edition can.

The company is looking for one lucky person, who has a great use for WD-40, which will appear on the limited edition can and will be available in retailers across the country.

Sara Simpson, Senior Brand Manager from WD-40 Company, said: “WD-40 Multi-Use Product is a brand that everyone knows and loves, it’s a product that is found in homes, under the sink or in the garage.

“To say a huge thank you to all of the WD-40 fans for supporting us over the past 60 years, we would like to feature a special winner on the limited edition can.

“Perhaps you’re a plumber who always keeps a can of WD-40 in his tool box, or a cyclist who swears by the miracle product to keep your bike in tip top condition?

“However and wherever you use WD-40, if you have a fantastic use to share then you could be the person we’re looking for to feature on our very special can – we look forward to hearing your stories.”

The legendary problem solver was first invented in a lab in San Diego, California in 1953 by the Rocket Chemical Company. It was originally created to prevent rust for the aerospace industry and took 40 attempts to get right. It now has pride of place in households throughout the world and helps to take care of all types of jobs.

For the chance to feature on a limited edition can of WD-40, visit the Original WD-40 UK Facebook page where you can share your use for the famous brand.

Entries close on Sunday 22nd September 2013.

For more information about WD-40 Multi-Use Product visit www.wd40.co.uk