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Sinclair Volkswagen help save Christmas in Port Talbot

A leading Volkswagen retailer has joined forces with local businesses to raise over £5,000 in a bid to save Christmas in Port Talbot.

Cost-cutting by Port Talbot Council meant that the town would have no official Christmas decorations or lights, leaving the Santa Parade in jeopardy.

Saviours, Aberavon Rugby club rallied together a number of local businesses, including Sinclair Volkswagen Port Talbot, to help raise sufficient funds for the festivities to go ahead.

The Dan-Y Bryn Road car retailer donated £1,000 towards the fundraising pot and will be providing Father Christmas with an alternative sleigh as part of the Santa Parade, which will now take place on Friday 5th December.

Gerald Sinclair, owner and managing director of the Sinclair Group, said: “The Sinclair Group has had a presence in the town for 70 years and our Port Talbot business has always been and will continue to be a huge part of the community.

“As a proud member of the Port Talbot community, I’m extremely pleased to see local people and businesses pull together to keep the Christmas spirit in Port Talbot alive.

“We hope that Father Christmas enjoys his motorised sleigh, he will certainly be travelling in comfort.”

Other companies who helped made the Christmas event possible included the Aberavon Shopping Centre, Port Talbot Town Football Club, Genquip, Barista’s Coffee Shop, Port Talbot Town Cricket Club, Rolls Choice Café, Victor John and Coastal Housing.

The rugby club said they were ‘ecstatic’ that so many businesses got involved to raise the funds.

Andrew John, chairman of Aberavon RFC, said: “We are extremely grateful to the local people and local companies who have donated so far and would ask anyone who wishes to donate to contact us this week via our website. .”