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MAN Truck & Bus UK sees dramatic growth of eco-friendly scheme

Number of different remanufactured parts on offer is now 15 times bigger.

A remanufactured parts scheme offered by MAN Truck & Bus UK has proved so popular with customers that the number of parts being offered is now more than 15 times bigger than when the scheme began.

Ecoline parts are made from 100 per cent genuine MAN parts which have undergone professional reconditioning in line with the company’s genuine parts standards.

When the scheme began two years ago, just 200 different parts were offered – that figure has now grown to 3,500.

The remanufactured parts also cost around 50 per cent less than a brand new one and come with a full 12-month warranty.

Simon Elliott, Managing Director of MAN Truck & Bus UK, believes that adding another option for hauliers has been the secret of Ecoline’s success.

“We are basically turning old parts into new by giving a damaged component the chance of a second life,” he said.

“When there is a parts failure, many people believe the only option is to get it repaired or just replace it with a brand new component. However, we felt it was important to provide a third offering, with remanufactured parts that you do not have to wait for.

“Ecoline is proving incredibly cost effective for our customers and it is aimed primarily at older vehicles, mainly between four and 10-years old,” he added.

“The scheme also has a strong environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions, and the company as a whole is proud that it is one step ahead in terms of sustainability.”

The remanufactured parts go through various stages including systematic dismantling, intensive cleaning and mechanical processing with all wearing parts replaced, regardless of their condition, one of the main differentiators to other aftermarket products.

The parts are then reassembled before receiving a final detailed inspection which earns them the Ecoline seal of approval.