Tesco launches the UK’s first Promoted Twitter Moments - 8848

Tesco launches the UK’s first Promoted Twitter Moments

Tesco has become the first brand to partner with Twitter to unveil its Promoted Moments adverts in the UK with a #FeelGoodCookbook campaign.

The campaign integrates videos, images and allows users to flick through shareable recipe pages whilst aiming to inspire its shoppers.

Promoted Moments offers brands a new and exciting approach to social media advertising, creating a powerful visual canvas for storytelling.

Available via the lightning bolt tab on the Twitter smartphone app, content is separated into topics such as ‘news’, ‘entertainment’ and ‘sport’. Clicking on a Moment shows an introduction with a title, description and picture. Swiping right allows users to find more content related to the story, whilst a single tap gives a full view of tweets which can be liked or retweeted.

Featured on the Moments guide for 24 hours, brands won’t clog up your timeline with content you may not want to see, but instead they will have their own dedicated channel with promotional tweets, photos, videos and more!

With only one Promoted Moment per day you won’t have to worry about scrolling through ads to see the moments you want to see, and each will clearly be marked with a badge.

Visual storytelling is on the rise with the popularity of apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope increasing. So the combination of the Promoted Trend and the creativity of the Promoted Moment gives brands a great opportunity to connect with their audience and build multi-layered campaigns on Twitter.

With Xbox and Sky set to follow, Promoted Twitter Moments could be big business, achieving Instagram quality advertising that is not only visually appealing but delivering content you’ll actually want to see on your timeline.

We are excited to see how Moments will be used by marketers to  not only boost customer engagement but also close the gap with rivals Facebook and Instagram.


By Charlotte Greenhalgh