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Training days offer insight into best practice for maintenance

Two-day course boosts operators’ skill base and product knowledge

Coach manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus UK is offering customers in-depth insight into best practices for repair and maintenance of their Neoplan vehicles.

The two-day course, led by Aftersales Specialists Pat Hogan and Steve Lilley, is offered to customers when they purchase Neoplan Tourliners.

Pat explained: “We know from experience that most operators run their own maintenance programmes for their vehicles. We want to help people look after their vehicles correctly and ensure they’re maintained to MAN standards.

“By running these two day courses, which are unique to MAN in their depth and knowledge, we help make sure that our products are performing at their best for the customers, drivers and passengers.

“We cover a broad spectrum of subjects from oil changes and coolants to where fuses are and some troubleshooting basics.

“We won’t start pulling engines to bits, but we will give them an overview on what they must check and how often.”

MAN Truck & Bus Manchester has just hosted one of the training sessions, with delegates from eight operators nationwide.

Graham Strachan, an engineer/ driver from Simpson’s in Aberdeenshire, said: “These training sessions are invaluable.

“We learn so much about the routine maintenance of the vehicles, but we also pick up information that can really be a ‘get out of jail card’ when we are out on the roads with customers.

“The vehicles are evolving so quickly these days that there is always something new to learn, but finding out where particular fuses are, for example for the doors, can save a whole lot of time and trouble if there is a minor problem when you are out on the road.

“These courses are very informative and I do enjoy them.”

His employer, Ron Simpson, added: “I can hear the enthusiasm the guys have for the course and what they have learned when I speak to them afterwards. I know they have absorbed all the information and that they will share it with their colleagues.

“It’s great from my point of view too that if a driver calls to say he has a light on his dash I can ask the guys who have been on the course and they can offer advice.

“I first did the course in 2012 and found it very informative and that they provide a helpful insight into the products. It is also an eyeopener for the drivers as to how much the technology has evolved.”

Paul Gardner, Head of Bus & Coach added: “Something else MAN offers customers is ProfiDrive.

“ProfiDrive sees the new coach and its driver to be taught how to get the best from it and deliver serious benefits in terms of fuel consumption.”

Both training packages can be booked at the time of the vehicle’s purchase.

Paul added: “We have excellent training facilities and plenty of conference rooms. All we ask of the customer is to send their driver or technician to us. They pay for the accommodation; we deliver the courses.”

“We can sell the best coach in the world – and I believe we do – but the customer might then miss an opportunity by putting a driver on it who doesn’t know how to get the best out of the vehicle, or by failing to maintain the vehicle to MAN standards.”