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FUCHS launches next generation coolant

FUCHS Lubricants has unveiled a groundbreaking metalworking fluid which significantly increases tool life and boosts productivity.

FUCHS ECOCOOL ULTRA-MOTIVE has been described by the manufacturer as “the greatest development in soluble metalworking fluids for a generation”.

The product, which builds on FUCHS’ unique patent-pending ‘GLOBAL’ technology, was officially launched at the MACH Exhibition.

The novel platform chemistry has been developed to provide excellent levels of lubricity, cooling and corrosion protection, whilst being free of boron and other SVHC-registered components.

FUCHS ECOCOOL ULTRA-MOTIVE has been benchmarked against many competitor products. Customers have reported over 40 per cent reduction in tooling costs when using the latest Fuchs technology. Greater savings can be realised when tools are optimised for the process.

In tooling tests with titanium alloys, tool life increases of 150 per cent were recorded.

Paul Tierney, product manager for FUCHS Lubricants UK plc, said: “We’re delighted to be able to lift the curtain on this revolutionary new product.

“It has an enviable position in the market place and offers a sustainable solution for the widest possible range of applications.

“FUCHS ECOCOOL ULTRA-MOTIVE could help organisations increase productivity significantly and will provide a sustainable solution to current and predicted future legislation trends which may affect our industry.”

ECOCOOL ULTRA-MOTIVE is suitable for machining ferrous materials including cast iron, stainless steels, Duplex, Super Duplex and alloys of aluminium, nickel and titanium.

Extensive in-house testing took place on FUCHS’ own CNC machine tool. Cutting speeds were increased to provide real benefits in productivity while maintaining excellent tool life.

The rate of metal removal can also be increased. Results indicate a 16 per cent increase in cutting speed is possible when matching the tool life of FUCHS’ previous class leading product, ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE A.

Paul added: “High lubricity is vital to extend tool life. When determining the lubricity of a coolant under laboratory conditions, a special Tapping-Torque test is performed.

“With the lowest observed torque values throughout the test, indicating the maximum lubricity, ECOCOOL ULTRA-MOTIVE outperformed all of the competition.”

The product is designed for use in both hard and soft water with a wide range of materials allowing effective product rationalisation and a reduction in complexity for all automotive manufacturers and similar industries.

Customers have reported tool cost savings, improved cleanliness, excellent sump life and greatly improved foam suppression during high pressure machining.  This ability to counteract foam formation has been vital in securing accounts where problematic machining processes placed extra demands on coolant management.

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